Trump Lunacy

15 Signs of Impending Tyranny (Robert Reich/Alternet)

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The President-Elect Delivers an In-Person Beat-Down to TV News Anchors and Their Bosses (New York Post)


NBC’s Lester Holt, CNN’sWolf Blitzer and MSNBC President Phil Griffin leaving a meeting with President-elect Donald J. Trump held at Trump Tower on Nov. 21, 2016.

Trump Delivers Beat-Down to CNN on Live TV: “Your Organization Is Terrible….You Are Fake News!” (The Hill)



Letter to The Editor: Reporters Missed an Opportunity to Stand Together Against Trump’s Bullying (Boston Globe)



President-Elect’s Legislative Agenda Will Net Trump and His Children $$$Billions (Politico)


Frmr CIA Chief: Trump’s Dangerous Crusade Vs. U.S. Intelligence Community Threatens Our National Security (New York Times)


President-Elect Still Denies That He Mocked a Disabled Reporter – in Spite of Being Caught in the Act on Video (Washington Post)

You’re Hired! ‘America’s Sweetheart’ Omarosa to Serve in White House Post (CNN)


Trump’s Twitter Rants Offer a Glimpse Into His Delicate, Brittle Psyche, and It’s Not Pretty (Eugene Robinson/Washington Post)

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Senate Dems: Who Benefits from Trump Trash-Talking The U.S. Intelligence Community? Iran, North Korea, Russia, China and ISIS, That’s Who. (Politico)


Drumpf and The Russians – What We Know, and What We Don’t (Globe and Mail/AP/Reuters/New York Times)


A billboard placed in the European nation Montenegro by the pro-Russian Serbian nationalist group ‘In4s.’ (Photo: Getty Images)

Conservative Analyst: Trump Is Putin’s Mouthpiece (Washington Post/Jennifer Rubin)


Kremlin, Trump in Agreement: NATO Alliance Is ‘Obsolete’ (Vanity Fair-Hive)


Maine Senator Sees Irony in Comey’s Refusal to ‘Confirm or Deny’ Investigation into Trump-Russia Ties (AP)


(Art: Daily Kos)

President-Elect Denies Allegations Of Secret Ties, Collusion Between Campaign And Russia (NPR)



5 Year-Old Boy, a U.S. Citizen, Handcuffed & Held at Dulles Airport for Hours; Trump Spokesperson Says He May Have Posed ‘Security Threat’ (Yahoo News/The Inquisitr News)


(Image: WILX)


Trump Immigration Ban: A Dream Come True for Isis and Al-Qaeda (The Independent)



Counter-Terrorism Experts: Trump Playing Right Into the Hands of Isis/Daesh (CNN)


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Even if Trump Does Close His ‘Charitable Foundation’/Slush Fund, Conflicts of Interest Will Persist (Simon Maloy/Salon)

U.S. Taxpayers to Pay for Trump’s Wall, and Then Mexico Will Reimburse Us. (Really, They Will!) (CNN)

Trump Appointment of Son-in-Law May Violate Federal Anti-Nepotism Statute (The Fix/Washington Post)

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Trump Meets with Anti-Vaxxer Activist RFK Jr. (Vox)

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Trump Continues to Man-Handle The News Media. The News Media Had Better Figure Out How to Handle Trump, Fast. (New York Times)

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This Guy Gave Drumpf an Actual Golden (-Plated) Shower (-Head) (Gizmodo)


Dino Rachiele, who runs a plumbing fixture manufacturer and gave Donald Drumpf a gold-plated shower head in 2007. (Image: Dino Rachiele/YouTube)

Let’s Build The Wall with Free Labor! Mass. Sheriff Offers to Send Inmates to Build Trump’s Wall (Reuters)

Trump Gives Tepid Endorsement of Ethics…for Other Politicians (Boston Globe)


Surprise! President-Elect’s Proposed Registry for Muslims Living in The U.S. and Ban on Muslim Entry Is Back in The News (Washington Post)

President Acts to Make It More Difficult for Trump to Set Up a ‘Muslim Registry’ (Vox)

Counter-Terrorism Experts: Trump Playing Right Into The Hands of Islamist Terrorists (Time)

The Widening Rift Between The President-Elect & The U.S. Intelligence Community (Michael V. Hayden)

President-Elect Explains Why He’ll Skip Most Daily Security Briefings: “I’m, like, a smart person.” (New York Post)

Trump Keeps Watching – and Hating on – “Unwatchable” SNL Skits Lampooning Him (NBC News)

Trump Magnanimous in Victory, Lavishes Praise on Clinton, Media (Just Kidding!) (The Guardian)

Good News! Come Jan. 20, The Anti-Vaxxers Will Have An Ally In The White House (STAT)