The Economy & Taxes

Trump’s Economic Plans: A Windfall for Trump Children, But Not So Much for Average Americans (Robert Reich)


Obama’s Greatest Accomplishment: Rescuing America from the Brink of Depression, and Then Ushering In the Longest Period of Jobs Growth in U.S. History (The New Yorker)

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Trump’s Treasury Sec’y Pick – Dubbed ‘The Foreclosure King’ – Defends Role As Head of Controversial California Bank with Reputation as ‘Foreclosure Machine’ (Money Magazine)


Caitlin Barbiere, aged 2, plays in the driveway as her family’s possessions sit piled in the front yard during a home foreclosure eviction in October of 2011 in Miliken, Colo. (Photo: Getty Images)


U.S. Adds 178,000 Jobs in Nov.; Unemployment Falls to Nine-Year Low of 4.6% (USA Today)

Corporate Welfare: Carrier Gets YUGE Tax Break for Agreeing to Ship Out Just 1,300 Jobs to Mexico (Eugene Robinson)

Sanders: We Need a President Who Can Stand Up to Big Corporations, Not Fold to Their Demands (Sen. Bernie Sanders)