Why The ‘Alt-Right’ (a/k/a White Supremacists) Hate Star Wars (The Daily Beast)


CIA Torture During Bush Jr. Era Detailed in Newly-Released Documents (New York Times)


Waterboarding simulation. (Photo: Reuters)

Generals to Trump: Don’t Bring Back Torture (The Hill)

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Iraqi victims of torture at the hands of Americans during the Bush Jr. Administration, Abu Ghraib prison.


Administration Mulls Return of CIA ‘Black Sites;’ Continued Compliance with Geneva Conventions Now in Doubt (New York Times)



Trump’s Inauguration Looks Just Like Obama’s, Only Without the Crowds (New York Magazine/Select All)



Trump Declares Torture Works (ABC News)



Trump’s Inauguration Speech Makes It Clear: He Meant Every Word He Said During the Campaign (Los Angeles Times)


NY Times Reporters Were Aware that Both Presidential Candidates Were Under Investigation. Only One of Those Investigations Received Significant Coverage During the Campaign. (And It Wasn’t the One About Possible Collusion Between a Candidate and a Hostile Foreign Power.) (New York Times)




MUST-SEE TV: Marco Rubio’s Pointed Questions on Russian Election Hacking, and Principled Defense of Human Rights (click here for The New Yorker article)     

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The Latest Target in Conservatives’ War on Reality: (New York Times)


It Can’t Happen Here. Right? (Carlos de la Torre)



Will Our Nation’s Democratic Institutions Survive The Trump Era? Don’t Take It for Granted. (Simon Maloy)

Major Muslim, Jewish Orgs Join Forces to Fight Bigotry (Boston Globe)

New Poll: Trump Is Least Popular Incoming President in a Long, Long Time…And, More than Half of Americans Believe He Is Unqualified for the Office He Is About to Assume (Voice of America)

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#Pizzagate: How an Internet Rumor Went Viral – And Almost Led to Real-World Bloodshed (Washington Post)

‘#Pizzagate’ Gunman: “The Intel on This Wasn’t 100%” (New York Times)

D.C. ‘#Pizzagate’ Shooting Triggered by Fake News – Sign of Things to Come? (Eugene Robinson)

‘Patriotically Correct’ Is The New PC (Washington Post)