GOP Lunacy

What We Learned from Whitewater and Behghazi: Groundless, Endless GOP-Led Congressional Investigations Can Yield Political Paydirt (Kevin Drum/Mother Jones)


GOP-Controlled House Acts to Put Federal Agencies on a Tight Leash, Which Would Hobble Efforts to Protect Air and Water Quality, Food Safety, Worker Safety, Aviation Safety, Etc. Etc. (The Hill)

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Happy New Year, America! – House Republicans Retreat from Secretly-Passed Plan to Hobble the Office of Congressional Ethics (Talking Points Memo)


House Republicans’ Ethics Plan (artist’s conception)

Putin Looks to Extend Winning Streak – First A President, Next A Sec’y of State? (The Guardian)

House GOP Group: Pending Leadership-Backed Budget Bill Adds $9 Trillion to National Debt Over 10 Years (Politico)


Thousands in Inauguration Crowd Shower Chuck Schumer with Jeers & Boos for His Calls to stand up for the rule of law, equal protection for all, freedom of speech, press, religion (Washington Post/Dana Milbank)


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Rubio: Drumpf Pick for Sec’y of State Is Too Cozy with Russia (Fox News)

Andy Puzder, Secretary of (Cheap) Labor (Reuters)

Drumpf’s Cabinet At Odds With American Public on a Broad Range of Key Issues (New York Times)

Yet Another Wacky Conspiracy Theory from Michael Flynn, Drumpf’s Pick for National Security Advisor (CNN)

Former CIA Official on Trump and His Pick for National Security Advisor: “I’m Watching a Clown Show” (Politico)

Koch Brothers Network of Big Donors Looks to Wield Major Influence in Trump Administration (The Guardian)

Good News! Trump’s Health Secretary Pick Belongs to Wacky, Quack-y MD Group (Talking Points Memo)

The President-Elect Drains The Swamp…Right Into His Cabinet (CNN)