Elections & Voting

The Republican War on Voting

27 States – Including 3 Key States That Trump Won by Small Margins – Participated in a System That Disproportionately Purges Minority Voters. So Why Isn’t the News Media Covering the Story? (Alternet/Salon)


(Graphic: Center for American Progress)

Background on the ‘Interstate Crosscheck System,’ which Disproportionately (and Erroneously) Purges Minority Voters (Center for American Progress)



Report: Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud Expert’ Is Registered to Vote in 3 States (AP/Chicago Tribune)


Ramping Up The Republican War on Voting (New York Times)

The 2016 Elections

Now It’s Official: Clinton Got 2.9 Million More Votes Than Trump, Won Popular Vote by More Than 2% (CNN)


Trump’s Margin of ‘Victory,’ in Historic Context (CNN)

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Chart: CNN

U.S. Intelligence Chief: Russia Meddled in U.S. Election Through Hacking, Propaganda and Fake News (Washington Post)


Declassified Report: Putin Ordered Election Interference to Help Elect Trump (The Hill)


Officials: Putin Personally Directed Russian Efforts to Manipulate 2016 Elections (NBC News)


Report: U.S. Intercepts Capture Senior Russian Officials Celebrating Trump Win (Washington Post)

Vladimir Putin

After Much-Anticipated Intel Briefing, Trump Begins to Change Tune on Russian Election Meddling (New York Times)


Breaking: Justice Department to Investigate Allegations of Mishandling of Clinton E-mail Investigation Including Comey’s Bombshell Letter (Washington Post)


Conservative Analyst: Trump Isolated in Stubborn Insistence that Russians Did Not Interfere with Election (Jennifer Rubin/Washington Post)


The Question That Trump Side-Stepped in Yesterday’s Press Conference: Was Anyone Connected to Trump or His Campaign in Touch with The Russians Before the Election? (New York Times Op Ed)


Understanding Rural Americans’ Support for Trump and The GOP (New York Times Op Ed)

While You Were On Vacation: Trump Finally Agrees to Attend Intelligence Briefing on Russia Election Hacking (Palmer Report)


GOP Senators: U.S. Must Hit Russia Hard for Election Hacking (Politico)


How The Russians Hacked The Democrats (New York Times)


A filing cabinet broken into in 1972 as part of the Watergate burglary sits beside a computer server that Russian hackers breached during the 2016 presidential campaign at the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in Washington. (Photo: New York Times)

How The Republicans Rigged The Election (TheLondonEconomic)


Yes, The Election Was Rigged – Brazenly, and in Plain Sight (Washington Post)


A Handy Guide to Russia’s Manipulation of The 2016 Elections (New York Times)


Voter ID Laws Work As Intended: Fewer African-Americans Voted (Moyers & company)


How The Russians Helped Elect Trump (Washington Post)

Must-See TV: ‘Alt-Right’ Folks (Neo-Nazis) Celebrate Trump’s Electoral College Win (The Atlantic) – WARNING – SOUND LEVEL IS VERY LOUD


Participants in an ‘Alt-Right’ (neo-Nazi) conference held in Washington , D.C. on Nov. 19, 2016 give the Nazi salute in celebration of Trump’s Electoral College win. (Photo: The Atlantic)

20 Reasons Why Trump Won The Electoral College (Jeremy Pressman)

Bernie Woulda Won, and Other Myths (Kurt Eichenwald/Newsweek)


Calling All Nerds: Number-Crunching The 2016 Election (Nate Cohn/New York Times)

Putin’s Election Disruption Playbook (Politico)

Not So Fast – GOP Leaders Resist Bipartisan Calls for Probe of Russia Role in Election 2016 (Politico)

Tainted Election, Tainted Presidency (Paul Krugman)

A Helpful Reminder from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: “The Russians Are Not Our Friends” (Newsday)

CIA Assessment: Russia Intervened to Help Drumpf Win (Washington Post)

Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Calls for Probe Into Russian Interference in U.S. Election (CNN)

Republican & Democratic Lawmakers: Russian Interference in U.S. Election Should Alarm All Americans (Los Angeles Times)

President Orders ‘Full Review’ of Russian Interference in Election (The Guardian)

The Biggest Lie of Campaign 2016: Hillary Was Untrustworthy and Unlikable

Recount Backers Ask: What is Trump Afraid Of? (Jill 2016)

Michigan Recount Backers Eye Unusually High No. of ‘Blank’ Ballots (Palmer Report)…

Texas Republican Elector: Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral College Ballot for Trump (Christopher Suprun)

KKK Holds Trump Victory Celebration (BuzzFeed News)

Recount Shenanigans in Wisconsin County with History of Vote Count Problems? (Palmer Report)

Trump’s Already-Thin Margin of Victory in PA Drops by 22,000 Votes – Before Recount Even Started (WCAU/NBC10 News)

Putin: Praised by Trump; Admired by U.S. & European Right-Wing Extremists (New York Times)

Republicans Move to Block Recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan & Pennsylvania (New York Times)

Is the White House Hiding Secrets About Russia’s Role in the Election? (The Atlantic)

Senate IntelCom Dems to POTUS: De-Classify The Evidence of Russian Meddling In The Election (Kevin Drum)