Our Story


Our Story

The story of LetsDoTruth.com begins with a father and teenage daughter who love America and everything she stands for. Like many, they were shocked by the Electoral College victory of Donald Trump, and profoundly worried about our nation’s future.

Looking for a way to do their part to fight back against a bigoted politician backed by the Russian government and endorsed by the KKK and the head of the American Nazi Party with a history of bullying people to get his way, of spewing a non-stop stream of misinformation, of flip-flopping on a host of important public policy issues from the war in Iraq to abortion to assault weapons, of cultivating an undeserved image of being a brilliant businessman with a midas touch, of walking away from bankrupt businesses unscathed while others suffer the consequences, of scamming ordinary Americans to make a quick buck, of leading the ‘birther movement,’ of mocking a person with a disability, of racial discrimination, of denying the science of climate change, of stoking Islamophobia while simultaneously advocating that the U.S. turn its back on victims of violence perpetrated by Islamist extremists, of denigrating immigrants from Mexico as well as an American judge of Mexican heritage, of disrespecting, objectifying and sexually assaulting women, of refusing to pay hard-working small businesspeople money he owes them for the work they’ve done for him, of running a ‘charitable foundation’ as a personal slush fund, of demonizing journalists, of elevating a champion of the racist, misogynist and anti-semitic alt-right movement to key leadership positions, of hedging on our nation’s long-standing commitments to our most vital allies, of openly admiring a brutal autocrat, of dumbing-down our nation’s political discourse, of being a consummate bullshit artist, a man of unbounded arrogance, ego, narcissism and selfishness – in short, a man utterly ill-suited to be the leader of the Free World – father and daughter created LetsDoTruth.com.

Together, let’s work to make a great nation even greater, and to make sure that America stays true to her cherished ideals.


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