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Special Coverage: Trump-Russiagate/Impeachment Watch



This Trump Tweet Led to Appointment of Special Counsel (The Weekly Standard)



Fox News Contributor: Comey Laid Out a “Very, Very Credible and Compelling Argument that The President of The United States Has Not Been Truthful with The American People.” (Foxnews.com)



Conservative Commentator: Something Fishy About Trump’s Latest Overture to Russians (Jennifer Rubin)


A Win for The Kremlin: In Deference to Trump, NATO Summit Will Avoid Criticizing Russia (Buzzfeed)


The “I Word” – GOP Congressman is 1st Republican Lawmaker to Raise Specter of Impeachment (Newsmax)


Ex-Mossad Chief: Trump’s Loose Lips Could Sink Israeli Ships (CNN)


Renowned Constitutional Scholar: Time to Initiate Impeachment Proceedings (Lawrence Tribe)


Russia Is Testing Trump. What Is He Going to Do About It?

(Click here for link to article from FoxNews.com, and commentary from the LetsDoTruth.com Editorial Board.)


(Parody image: NBC/’Saturday Night Live’)

All 3 Trump-Russia Scandals, Explained (Vox)


U.S. Intelligence, Law Enforcement Continue to Probe Whether Russians Have Compromising Information About The President; Have Confirmed Some Info in Infamous ‘Dossier’ (CNN)


Bombshell Report Suggests Trump’s National Security Adviser Is Dishonest, in Cahoots with Election-Hacking Russians, and Probably Not Too Bright (Mother Jones)


Republican Senators Warn Trump: Don’t Let the Russians Get Away with Meddling in U.S. Election (CNN)


Bipartisan Group of Senators Moves to Limit Trump’s Ability to Lift Russia Sanctions (The Hill)


3rd Congressional Panel Opens Probe into Russia Election Meddling (Miami Herald)

Free and fair elections

Poll: Majority of American Voters Say Russians Interfered in U.S. Election (Quinnipiac Poll)


Report: FBI, CIA, NSA, Justice Dept. & Treasury Have Been Investigating Possible Kremlin Funneling of Cash to Aid Trump (McClatchey Washington Bureau/Chicago Tribune)


Report: CIA Believes That Russians May Have More Than One Tape of Trump in Compromising Position; Special U.S. Joint Task Force Was Convened to Probe Allegations That Russia Funneled Cash to Trump or His Campaign (BBC)


Senate Panel to Probe If Trump Campaign Had Contact With Russia (Bloomberg)


Report: U.S. Intelligence Officials Warn Israeli Counterparts That  Russians Have ‘Leverages of Pressure’ on President-Elect Trump, and that Any Information Shared with New Administration May Be Given to The Russians, and Then Passed to Iran (Jerusalem Post)


Report: British Intelligence Has Sought Reassurances from the CIA that the Identity of British Agents in Russia Will Be Protected When Intelligence Is Shared, Amid Concerns About the Closeness of Trump’s Team to Moscow (The Sunday Times U.K.)


Intelligence Agencies Around The World Scramble to Evaluate Possible Trump-Russia Ties (Haaretz Israel)


Trump’s Embrace of Putin: The Art of The Deal, or Just Surrender? (CNN/Frida Ghitis)


Champagne Corks Pop in Moscow as Kremlin Savors Obama’s Departure, Trump’s Ascension (Washington Post)


Latest Posts

Kansas Republicans Terminate Disastrous Conservative Tax Cut Experiment (Washington Post)

"On the one hand, I'm glad they're cutting the school year short...on the other hand..."


Report: Trump Lined His Pockets with $$$ from Donald Trump Foundation & Eric Trump Foundation (USA Today)


Canadian Official: U.S. Surrendering Mantle of World Leadership, So Canada Will Step Up to Help Fill Void



Ambassador Nikki Haley: U.N. ‘Human Rights Council’ Lacks Credibility on Human Rights


A Perfect Fit: Trump’s Raging Insecurities, & Republicans’ Feelings of Resentment (Michael Cohen)



Global Warming Pact Debacle Is Par for Course for a Republican Party That Long Ago Jettisoned Truth, Facts & Reality (Paul Krugman)


Q. Why are Republicans getting so little done?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   A. Because their agenda is deeply unpopular. (Paul Waldman)


Conservative Commentator: Trump Has Weakened U.S. Ability to Deter Russian Aggression (Charles Krauthammer)


Senators Call for FBI Probe of Possible Sessions Perjury (CNN)


“Buffoonery Abroad, An Embarrassment to America” (Scot Lehigh)


Embarrassing Truth: Under Trump, U.S. No Longer Leader of The Free World (Joan Vennochi)


GOP Senator Rips Obamacare Repeal Bill (Politico)

“There is no way that I can personally support a bill that is going to result in 23 million Americans losing their health insurance coverage, that will cause an 850 percent premium increase of a low-income adult aged 64.”

–Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)

Nancy Pelosi

Top Poll Responses: ‘What Word Comes to Mind When You Think of Trump?’ (Quinnipiac Poll)

Poll - words associated w Trump

New Poll: Only 39% of Americans Think Trump Doing a Good Job

For All You Putin Fans: Here’s a List of Murdered Putin Critics (news.com.au/News Corp Australia)


Alexander Litvinenko, a former officer of the Russian FSB secret service; Assassinated in London in 2006 by Russian agents using polonium-210, in retaliation for his outspoken criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Report: Fearing Disclosure, U.S. Intelligence Officials Withholding Sensitive Information from Trump (Fox News)


Trump Declines to Condemn Rise in U.S. Anti-Semitic Incidents and Rhetoric (Haaretz Israel)


#Trumptastrophe: Hapless White House Floundering in Scandal, Dysfunction, Chaos and Infighting (AP)


2 Russia Scandals, The Kellyanne Conway Ethics Thing, and Now Puzder Withdraws: A Bad Week for Trump, and It’s Only Wednesday (New Republic)


Progressives Continue to Mobilize: Swarming Crowds and Hostile Questions Are the New Normal at GOP Representatives’ Town Halls (Washington Post)


Emboldened by Protests and an Angry, Motivated Voter Base, House Democrats Grow a Pair (AP)


Now Trending: Postcards & Letters to #PresidentBannon (The Guardian)


Conservative Commentator: ‘The President’s Own Words Make Him Sound Like He Has Contempt for American Ideals.’ (National Review)


GOP Facing Backlash for Silencing Elizabeth Warren for Reading from Letter by Coretta Scott King Criticizing Jeff Sessions (CNN)


Upholding Our American Values and the Rule of Law: Democratic State AGs in the Vanguard of the Resistance (Boston Globe)


Is Kellyanne Conway Completely Losing Touch with Reality? (This Is Not the First Time that She Has Spun Her Tale of the ‘Bowling Green Massacre.’) (The Guardian)


Trump: All Polls I Don’t Like Are ‘Fake’ (Kevin Drum/Mother Jones)


White House Rattled by Melissa McCarthy’s Skewering of Sean Spicer on SNL (Politico)


Scenes from Your Crazy Republican Uncle’s Facebook Page: Terrorists and Other ‘Very Bad People’ Stream into the U.S. as Unelected Liberal Judges Open the Floodgates


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GOP Governor: U.S. Must Not Abandon Its ‘Proud and Noble Tradition of Serving as a Country of Refuge for Those Most Vulnerable in the World’ (WCVB)


Seattle: New Epicenter of the Resistance to Trump (Washington Post)


Top Senate Republican: No Funding for Trump’s Bogus ‘Voter Fraud’ Probe (The Hill)


Bipartisan Outrage as Trump Likens U.S. to ‘Killer’ Putin’s Russia (ABC News)


Grateful Refugees, Muslim Travelers Arrive to Hugs and Tears After U.S. Courts Put Trump’s Ban On Hold (AP)

Yet Another Dishonest, Peevish Trump Tweet Sets Off Avalanche of Mockery



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Bowing to Criticism, White House Backs Off of Plans to Re-Open CIA ‘Black Site’ Interrogation/Torture Facilities (New York Times)


(Un-) Presidential Hissy Fit: Trump Lashes Out After Judge Blocks Unlawful Ban on Refugees & Others (Politico)


Poll: Most Americans Have Negative View of Trump, But Only 40% Ready for Impeachment (So Far) (The Hill)


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(Polling Data: Public Policy Polling)

After Trump Administration Omits Jews from Holocaust Remembrance Day Statement, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Weighs In to Set the Record Straight (Business Insider)


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McCain Seeks to Reassure Australia in Wake of Disastrous Trump Call (Daily News)


Meet Steve Bannon, the Man Behind Trump’s Travel Ban/Refugee Halt Fiasco (Washington Post/The Plum Line)


(Image: Salon/Benjamin Wheelock/Reuers/Carlo Allegri)

Winning Strategies for Standing Up to America’s Bully-in-Chief (Hannah Doress/Medium)


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(Magazine cover image: The New Yorker)

Jackass-in-Chief: In Phone Call with Close U.S. Ally, Trump Brags, Bullies and Berates (Washington Post)


At Least 3.3 Million Americans Marched Against Trump on 1/21. Now What? (New York Times)


(Photo: Kyle Singer via New York Magazine; Click here for estimate of total participation in Women’s Marches held on 1/21/2017)

Fight Back – Tools for Challenging The Trump-GOP Agenda, and Stories of Resistance

Time for Action: Attend a ‘Resistance Recess’ Action Near You!


Hey You – Yes, You – Take Action!


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At Least 3.2 Million, and Counting: Led by Women, Millions of Americans Confront Dishonest, Bullying, Misogynistic, Prejudiced, Narcissistic, Free-Press-Bashing, Thin-and-Orange-Skinned, Russian-Backed, Small-Handed, Popular-Vote-Losing New President


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Women’s March participation data compiled by Professors Jeremy Pressman, University of Connecticut, and Erica Chenoweth, University of Denver. 

How To Fight The Trump-GOP Agenda: Proven Winners from The Tea Party (Yes, That Tea Party) Playbook (New York Times Op Ed)


Progressives, Quit Your Crying – America Did Not Reject The Democrats, and Trump Has No Mandate. Now, Roll Up Your Sleeves, and Get to Work. (Jesse Ferguson/Time)


A Citizen’s Guide to Fighting The Trump-GOP Agenda


Elections & The Republican War on Voting

Now It’s Official: Clinton Got 2.9 Million More Votes Than Trump, Won Popular Vote by More Than 2% (CNN)


(Data source: AP, CNN, Christian Science Monitor)

27 States – Including 3 Key States That Trump Won by Small Margins – Participated in a System That Disproportionately Purges Minority Voters. So Why Isn’t the News Media Covering the Story? (Alternet/Salon)


(Graphic: Center for American Progress)

Background on the ‘Interstate Crosscheck System,’ which Disproportionately (and Erroneously) Purges Minority Voters (Center for American Progress)


How The Republicans Rigged The Election (TheLondonEconomic)


Yes, The Election Was Rigged – Brazenly, and in Plain Sight (Washington Post)


Behind Comey’s Election-Changing Bombshell: Fear of The Republican ‘Outrage Machine’ (Paul Waldman)


U.S. Intelligence Chief: Russia Meddled in U.S. Election Through Hacking, Propaganda and Fake News (Washington Post)


A Handy Guide to Russia’s Manipulation of The 2016 Elections (New York Times)


Officials: Putin Personally Directed Russian Efforts to Manipulate 2016 Elections (NBC News)


Report: U.S. Intercepts Capture Senior Russian Officials Celebrating Trump Win (Washington Post)

Vladimir Putin

Voter ID Laws Work As Intended: Fewer African-Americans Voted (Moyers & company)


How The Russians Helped Elect Trump (Washington Post)


Other Featured Content

Talk of Impeachment: Too Soon? (The Guardian)


15 Signs of Impending Tyranny (Robert Reich/Alternet)


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Will Our Nation’s Democratic Institutions Survive The Trump Era? Don’t Take It for Granted. (Simon Maloy)


Frmr CIA Chief: Trump’s Dangerous Crusade Vs. U.S. Intelligence Community Threatens Our National Security (New York Times)


Conservatives Now Using ‘Fake News’ Label to Dismiss Real News that Doesn’t Fit Their Narrative (New York Times)


Americans — Especially (but Not Exclusively) Trump Voters — Believe Crazy, Wrong Things (Catherine Rampell/Washington Post)

Abortion Foes, Emboldened by Trump, Vow New Laws to Restrict Access to Abortion (New York Times)


The President-Elect Delivers In-Person Beat-Down to TV News Anchors and Their Bosses (New York Post)


NBC’s Lester Holt, CNN’sWolf Blitzer and MSNBC President Phil Griffin leaving a meeting with President-elect Donald J. Trump held at Trump Tower on Nov. 21, 2016.

Trump’s Economic Plans: A Windfall for Trump Children, But Not So Much for Average Americans (Robert Reich)


Must-See TV: ‘Alt-Right’ Folks (Neo-Nazis) Celebrate Trump’s Electoral College Win (The Atlantic) – WARNING – SOUND LEVEL IS VERY LOUD


Participants in an ‘Alt-Right’ (neo-Nazi) conference held in Washington , D.C. on Nov. 19, 2016 give the Nazi salute in celebration of Trump’s Electoral College win. (Photo: The Atlantic)

20 Reasons Why Trump Won The Electoral College (Jeremy Pressman)

Bernie Woulda Won, and Other Myths (Kurt Eichenwald/Newsweek)


Report: Trump Will Be World’s Only Head of State to Reject Climate Science (Slate)


Previous Posts

Wednesday, December 21st

Evacuation Resumes After Thousands Stranded 24 Hrs. in Aleppo & Along Evacuation Route in Sub-Freezing Temperatures with No Food or Heat (The Guardian)

Opinion: Newly-Unsealed Court Document Confirms that FBI and Comey Exercised Poor Judgment in Re-Opening Clinton E-mail Probe and Making Bombshell Announcement (Talking Points Memo)

Why Trump Will Keep Holding Rallies (Robert Reich)

Good News, Trump and The GOP Have Big Things In Store for The Rich. (But for The Rest of Us, Not So Much.) (Simon Maloy)

Analysis: Islamist Terrorism Will Continue to Plague Europe (Washington Post)

Study: 30 Million Americans Will Lose Healthcare Coverage if Obamacare Is Repealed (Urban Institute)

With Healthcare Access in The Trump-GOP Crosshairs, Will The Democrats Push Back? (Theda Skocpol)

The Rise of Trump: Backlash Against Women? (Amanda Marcotte)

How to Use Tea Party Tactics (Or At Least The Non-Problematic Ones) to Fight the Trump-GOP Agenda (Dave Gilson)

Tuesday, December 20th

As Evacuation Continues, Israel Offers to Take In Wounded Civilians from Aleppo (Vox)

Two Factors That May Have Handed Trump The Election: Broken Ballot Scanners, and The ‘Interstate Crosscheck’ Voter Purge (Truthout)

Poll: Plurality Don’t Think that Russia Influenced Election 2016 (Politico)

Abolish The Electoral College? Majority Favors Popular Vote (Marist Poll)

Some Warning Signs for Democracy in America (Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt)

Trump Pick for Budget Chief: “We Have to End Medicare As We Know It” (Talking Points Memo)

GOP Poised to Touch a ‘Third Rail’ of U.S. Politics: Defunding Planned Parenthood (Washington Post)

New Plug-In for Firefox and Chrome Fact-Checks Trump Tweets (Washington Post)

Monday, December 19th

Aleppo: The World Stood By as an Atrocity Unfolded (New York Times)

Evacuation of Aleppo Resumes; Over 20,000 Men, Women & Children Rescued So Far (CNN)

Bipartisan Group of Senators Call for a Select Committee to Investigate Russian Interference in the 2016 Elections (Roll Call)

Across U.S., State Election Officials Say Voter Fraud Was Extremely Rare in 2016 (New York Times)

Let’s Not Kid Ourselves, Everything Is Not Going to Be ‘Just Fine’ (Charles M. Blow)

In GOP’s Crosshairs: New Obama Administration Rule Protecting Streams and Forests from Impact of Coal Mining (Reuters)

Neo-Nazis Target Jewish Community Leaders and Human Rights Activists in Montana (Washington Post)

Saturday, December 17th

30,000 Trapped in Aleppo Wait for Evacuation to Resume (Reuters)

The ‘Patriot News Agency’: Helping Elect Trump, One Fake News Story at a Time (New York Times)

Trump: Let CHINA Keep Captured Navy Drone (CBS News)

Poll: More and More Republicans Have Favorable View of Putin (Politico)

Trump Pick for Israel Ambassador Opposes ‘Two-State Solution’ (CNN)

Friday, December 16th

Breaking: FBI Agrees that Russians Were Trying to Help Trump Win (Washington Post)

White House Confirms Putin Direct Involvement in Election Hacking (The Guardian)

President Vows Retaliation Against Russian Election Hacks “At a Time and Place of Our Choosing” (The Independent)

Report: President Confronted Putin on Election Hacks in Sept., Warned of Consequences (NBC News)

Trump’s Cabinet Picks Do Not Bode Well for LGBTQ Rights (Michelangelo Signorile)

Thursday, December 15th

Evacuation of Aleppo Underway (BBC)

For Both The Dead and The Survivors, Evacuation Comes Too Late: Nations of The World Shirk Moral Obligation to Protect Innocent Civilians from Syria Carnage (CNN)

Pleas from Aleppo to The World Were Met with Indifference (Michael Kimmelman)

Officials: Putin Personally Directed Russian Efforts to Manipulate 2016 Elections (NBC News)

How The Russians Hacked The Democrats (New York Times)

Ex-Hill Staffers Publish Online Guide to Fighting The Trump-GOP Agenda (Talking Points Memo)

It Can’t Happen Here. Right? (Carlos de la Torre)

Friday, December 9th

Ohio on Verge of Banning Bestiality (But It’s Still Legal in D.C., Hawaii, Kentucky, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia & Wyoming) (The Guardian)

Wednesday, November 30th

Trump – and Hampshire College – Both Wrong on Flag (Boston Globe)

Tuesday, November 29th

REPORT: Election Results Having a “Profoundly Negative Impact” on Schools and Students (Southern Poverty Law Center)

And Now for a Cartoon from The New Yorker

Here’s How You Can Stop Fake News from Spreading on Facebook (BuzzFeed)

Alien Lizards, Fluoride Mind Control, and Massive Voter Fraud: Meet Infowars, Trump’s Favorite ‘News’ Source (Washington Post)

Trump Slams CNN for Its Stubborn Adherence to Facts, Reality (Boston Globe)

Can Trump Deliver on His Campaign Promise to Bring Back Waterboarding and Other Forms of Torture? (New York Times)

Monday, November 28th

The Republican Assault on Voting – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet (Washington Post)

Welcome to Post-Truth America (Washington Post)

Sunday, November 27th

FOX NEWS REPORT: Trump Planning to Hit Millions of Middle-Class Americans with Tax Hike (Fox News)

Greetings From an Alternate Universe: Trump Claims He Got More Votes Than Clinton (Politico)

Israel Squelches Wildfires; 35 Arrests Made; Palestinian Authority and Multiple Nations Lend a Hand (Times of Israel/AFP)

Wisconsin Recount Filing Focuses on Potential for Absentee Ballot Hack (The Guardian)

2020 Is Sooner Than We Think: Some of The Early Front-Runners for The Democratic Nomination (Washington Post/Chris Cillizza)

How to Make a Quick Buck off of Gullible Trump Supporters: Inside a ‘Fake News’ Factory (New York Times/Andrew Higgins, Mike McIntire and Gabriel J.X. Dance)

Lincoln Had His ‘Team of Rivals,’ Now Trump Assembles His Team of Gazillionaires (Politico/Ben White & Matthew Nussbaum)

Saturday, November 26th

Get a Jump on Thanksgiving 2017 with This Poem (Maisie The Writer)

This One’s For Progressives Who Didn’t Go All Out for Hillary Clinton (Adrian J. Anchondo/ExtraNewsFeed)

Voter ID Laws Work As Intended: Fewer African-Americans Voted (Ari Berman/Moyers & company)

Friday, November 25th

Good News for All You Fans of Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels (The Guardian)

Flashback Friday: Mitt Romney’s Scathing Denunciation of Trump (Colbert I. King/Washington Post)

How The Russians Helped Elect Trump (Craig Timberg/Washington Post)

A Plea from Aleppo: Dear World, Where Is Your Outrage? Where Is Your Compassion? (Emanuella Grinberg/CNN)

If You Liked Trump University, You’ll Love TrumpCare (Stephanie Mencimer/Mother Jones)

Thursday, November 24th

Terrorism Eyed as Fires Rage Across Israel; Palestinian Authority, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia Send Firefighting Assets to Help (i24 News, Israel)

A Very Special Thanksgiving Message from The President-Elect (NOT A HOAX)

Wednesday, November 23rd

Who Knew? Trump Surprised When General Tells Him Torture Doesn’t Work (Eugene Scott, CNN)

Good News! Trump’s Pick for National Security Advisor Has Repeatedly Spread Debunked Conspiracy Theories on Islamic ‘Sharia Law’ Being Imposed on The U.S. (Andrew Kaczynski & Nathan McDermott/CNN)

SNL’s Make-Believe Trump Pisses Off The Real One (Elahe Izadi/Washington Post)

Don’t Let This Happen to You: “I went on CNN. Little did I know I’d be mistaken as an alt-right leader.” (Matt Viser/Boston Globe)

The Holocaust Museum Reminds America: The Holocaust Began With Hate Speech (Julie Zauzmer/Washington Post)

Tuesday, November 22nd

Trump Delivers In-Person Beat-Down to TV News Anchors and Their Bosses (Emily Smith and Daniel Halper/New York Post)

Must-See TV: ‘Alt-Right’ Folks (Neo-Nazis) Celebrate Trump’s Electoral College Win (Daniel Lombroso and Yoni Applebaum/The Atlantic) – WARNING – SOUND LEVEL IS VERY LOUD

20 Reasons Why Trump Won The Electoral College (Jeremy Pressman)

Surprise! Republicans Getting Ready to Shred the Safety Net (Dylan Matthews/Vox)

Jew-Hating U.S. Neo-Nazis Have a Message for America: This Is Our Moment (Joseph Goldstein/New York Times)

Trump’s Misguided Plan for Syria (Boston Globe)

What It Looks Like When a State Actually HELPS People Vote – and Counts Every Vote (John Myers, LA Times)

Post-Election ‘Rage-Giving’: All The Rage Among Democrats (Sacha Pfeiffer/Boston Globe)

Anti-Bias Group Documents Ongoing Spate of Hate Crimes Since Election Day (Southern Poverty Law Ctr)

Trump Has “Told People to Cut It Out,” So No Need to Speak Out on Post-Election Hate Crimes Outbreak (Brent Griffiths/Politico)

Bernie Sanders Rips Phony Plan to Make America’s Infrastructure Great Again (Yousef Saba/Politico)

Banishing The American Flag: Hampshire College’s Botched Response to Trump Win (Susan Svrluga/Washington Post)

As If We Needed Another Reason to Dislike The President-Elect: Trump Is Turning Republicans Into a Bunch of Anti-Vaxxers (Betsy Woodruff/The Daily Beast)

Before Then

Photo: Wounded Children in Aleppo, Syria Waiting to Be Treated

Let’s #NameAPenceMusical

Flashback – Trump Blasts Electoral College, Calls for Popular (Vote) Uprising (Alicia M. Cohn/The Hill)

Surprise! Trump Is Off to a Terrible Start (Ruth Marcus/Washington Post)

A Fake Plan to Make America’s Infrastructure Great Again (Ronald A. Klain/Washington Post)

The World According To President-Elect Trump (Kevin Drum/Mother Jones)

Bernie Woulda Won, and Other Myths (Kurt Eichenwald/Newsweek)

America Elects a Bigot (Charles M. Blow/New York Times)

The World Has Abandoned The People of Aleppo; Shame On Us (AP)

Trump + Flynn + Putin = True Love Forever (Yochi Dreazen/Vox)

With Trump Win, Confederate Flag Flies Again (Richard Fausset/New York Times)

So, Just What The Hell is The ‘Alt-Right,’ Anyway? (NPR)

Where I Wish Trump Failure (Eugene Robinson/Washington Post)

When in Doubt, Blame ‘The Jews’ (Times of Israel)

Words of Wisdom From Sasha & Malia’s Dad (Gabriella Paiella/New York Magazine)